A Vacation Packing List Designed For Travel To Uruguay

Hmmm... your vacation packing list is never the easiest thing about planning your holiday. For most of us it seems to go one of two ways. Either we go through the process of deciding, undeciding, deciding, undeciding - you get the picture! - a week or more in advance. Or you leave it till the last minute and end up rushing around throwing everything you can think of in your bags.

It doesn't matter which one you do. Both are stressful. And both can get your holiday off to a pretty rocky start.

So how to avoid the vacation packing list nightmare?

Well, there's a simple set of 4 questions that will help you start putting together your ideal vacation packing list for Uruguay... or anywhere else you're planning to go for that matter. If you want to avoid the frustration of arriving on vacation only to find you've forgotten some of your most important things, take a moment and start here:

What will you pack in your suitcase for Uruguay?

1. Where is Uruguay?

We know this sounds obvious but being clear on the geography and location of where you're going will give you some immediate answers about what needs to be on your vacation packing list. Think weather, climate, language, and vaccinations.

2. Will you be staying in one place or traveling around?

It's always a good idea to travel as light as possible, but it becomes even more important if you're planning on traveling around Uruguay. Why? Well like anywhere really, unless you're going to rent a car, you'll be relying on public transport to get you from A to B. Having to hump a whole load of stuff around with you while you're figuring out how to do all this is not the best recipe for a fun-filled vacation.

Try and take with you only the items you're really going to need. Do you need that extra set of jeans? Will you wear them? And do you need 4 pairs of shoes? If you are going to use them, great. But if you're not, they're just wasted space and weight in your luggage. Strike then off your vacation packing list now and lighten your load.

Our vacuum packed travel bags. A great way to reduce the bulk in your bags

3. Is there any special equipment you need to take with you?

If your holiday in Uruguay has an adventure vacation twist to it, there's probably some specific items or equipment you need to make sure are on your packing list. Planning for these now gives you an idea of how much space you need to reserve for them and how much is left for everything else. It also means you can plan ahead for any extra baggage you may need to purchase for your flight. And by default, this means you also start thinking about which airline is going to best accommodate your needs.

What kind of things do you need to consider? Think hiking boots, tent, sleeping bags, computers, bike, riding gear, etc. You can read about our own experience of traveling with a bike to Uruguay over on our blog if you fancy giving this a try.

4. Don't forget your favourite gadgets and all the bits you need to make them work

It seems we've all got the travel gadget bug these days. Technology has given us a whole load of funky things that let us do the things we want to do when we travel. But they're no good if you forget to pack all the bits you'll need to make them work. Think plug adapaters, battery chargers, memory cards, etc.

What gadgets do we travel with? Quite a few actually as we tend to be writing and recording everywhere we go. Our inventory includes: a digital camera; a region free cell phone so we can lock and load with a regional sim card as we go; an ipod; a netbook; a Flip video camera; and a kindle. The only non writing related gadget is the kindle... it's our relaxation gadget.

Have you got a vacation packing list for Uruguay?

Yes we do. Like we said, you'll probably want to change things on here to suit your own particular style of travel. And we've left you plenty of space for adding the extras that are personal to you. You can either go to our Uruguay packing list page on the website, or download a PDF copy to keep on your computer.

Last but not least. If you have any questions about traveling in Uruguay that you can't find the answer to, send them to us. See our Uruguay tourism information section and we'll get you an answer as quick as we can.

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