Why planning Your Uruguay Itinerary Will Help Your Trip Run Like Clockwork

Nah. I don't need my Uruguay itinerary to run like clockwork. Adventure's my middle name.

Yeah well. We thought so too until our cogs got stuck and some springs went flying on our most recent travels. Of course, like anything that's clockwork, we were able to fix our plansÂ… given a bit of time and extra expense. But we'd far rather it had all gone smoothly in the first place. Wouldn't you?

What do we mean by an Uruguay itinerary?

Your Uruguay itinerary is a place where you'll keep a running record of the places and events you want to see while you're visiting the country. Whether you're in Uruguay for 1 day or 4 months, there are going to be things you want to do while you're here. Thing is, if you don't plan ahead for them, those things you want to do can all too easily fall by the wayside until you suddenly realise you're out of time. And unfortunately, when that happens, it makes no difference if adventure's your middle name.

Your Uruguay itinerary can include checklists, must dos, and reminders

How much detail does your Uruguay itinerary need?

It's your itinerary so ultimately you will decide how much detail you include. What do we recommend? Go as detailed as you can. By that we mean figure out the cogs and springs so there's less chance of them going flying after you arrive.

Think about routes and the best ways to include all the places you want to visit. If you're hiring a car then you have the luxury of deciding your own routes. But if you want to use the bus system here, you need to know what companies go where, which days they run, and the routes you'll need to take to get there. This will sometimes mean doubling back on yourself before heading off to pastures new because there are very few bus services that run from east to west and vice versa.

Then there's accommodation. Some areas have more, some have less. There are times when accommodation here is full and you will literally not be able to get a bed in some places. Now that's a bummer if you've traveled 4 or 5 hours on a bus just to find you've got no bed.

And what format should your Uruguay itinerary take?

If you are going to drive, make sure you know what kind of roads you'll be driving on

Your Uruguay itinerary can be paper-based or computer-based. It can be a list or it can be a detailed timetable. It's up to you how you organise it. But most important is to have one. And once you've got it, you need to know the logistics behind achieving all the travel goals you've set yourself.

Think festivals, national holidays, visiting vineyards, staying on an estancia, working on a gaucho farm, and more. If you want to do any of these, you need to make sure the cogs fit together on your Uruguay itinerary so you're not disappointed after you arrive. It's where the clockwork part comes in.

Why do you want your itinerary to run like clockwork?

Well take our own Uruguay itinerary as an example. Did it run like clockwork? No, it didn't. Was it frustrating? Yes it was. So where did we go wrong?

At the time of making our travel plans, there really wasn't much good information available about the country. So we took what we could and made our plan. Despite our good intentions, however, there were holes in our knowledge that we just couldn't fill. We spent too long in Salto as we believed there was more to do there than proved to be the fact. Unfortunately we'd made the reservation and we were too late to cancel the hotel. It was stay and make the best of it or be penalised the cost.

Then there were the places we happened upon by chance. These were skimmed over in the guides we'd read but ended up being the best places we visited. We wanted more time here and less in others. And yes we were able to adjust our Uruguay itinerary to some degree. Still, if we could have known what we know now before we arrived, our travel through Uruguay would have been much smoother.

How can you avoid the same mistakes we made?

Like we said. Plan ahead and get your hands on the best information you can so you minimise the chance of unforeseen holes in your itinerary. And talking of information...

Where can you find some Uruguay travel itineraries to help you plan?

You already know we faced some challenges in our own Uruguay itinerary. The good thing is there's nothing like mistakes for making you learn. We decided to put our experiences together and come up with a variety of Uruguay itineraries based on those learnings. They range from 1 or 2 day sightseeing guides to places like Montevideo and Colonia, to 7 or 14 day travel plans that suggest the amount of time you need to stay in a place (and why) along with the best ways of getting there.

We encountered quite a few dodgy cogs and loose springs on our travels. Hopefully we can help you avoid them. Want to head over to see what we recommend? Visit our Uruguay itinerary templates page for more information.

Where can you get help with your itinerary?

What if you've got questions about your Uruguay itinerary or need something tailor-made? That's what the form below is for. If you send us a simple question that doesn't take much research or time to answer, then we'll get you a reply out as soon as we can. If your query is a little more detailed and requires more input from us, we'll work out a cost, send you the price, and if you'd like us to go ahead based on the quote, we'll go from there.

Just remember, having a well thought out Uruguay itinerary is the best way to ensure your holiday runs like clockwork.


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