Uruguay Currency Facts And The Current Exchange Rate

What do you need to know about the Uruguay currency? What's so important?

That's a good question. Usually, when Stuart and I travel, we order the equivalent of US$100 in the local currency. That way we arrive with some cash in our pockets and don't have to worry about changing money right away.


If you don't want to read about the Uruguay currency but just want to work out the current exchange rate, click this link to go straight to the convertor.

Did you know you can't order the Uruguay currency in advance?

So off we went to order our currency about 2 weeks before we were due to fly. But to our suprise, we were told that in the case of Uruguay, it's not possible to order the currency in advance. This is something completely new for us and at first we were sceptical. We visited another travel bureau and were told the same thing. Apparently, due to the banking secrecy laws in Uruguay, you can't buy the Uruguayan peso while you're outside the country.

And here's what a 100 Uruguayan peso note looks like

So what do you do if you can't order the Uruguayan peso before you travel?

Don't worry. We were advised that as long as we had with us either US dollars, GB pounds, or Euro notes, we'd be able to change them easily after we arrived. We chose to travel with US dollars as we knew that we would need them to pay for our taxi from the airport and also to pay at our first hotel. It made sense to work in US dollars as this is the other currency that is generally used here for larger items.

Can you pay for most things using US dollars?

Most of the time we've used the Uruguayan peso for our daily transactions. But our hotel bills have generally been paid for in US dollars. And if you are interested in buying property or land here, the quoted prices are usually in US dollars.

So the general rule is for everyday items, you'll use your Uruguay currency. For larger special items, prices are often quoted in US dollars.

How can you tell which currency is being quoted in a price?

It's a little confusing sometimes when you look at prices when you first arrive. The $ sign is usually used to show the price in Uruguay pesos. US dollar prices are written like this U$S100, while the Uruguayan peso price is usually $100. There's a big difference so ask if you're not sure.

An Uruguay currency convertor that's easy to use

Below you'll find a currency convertor that lets you check your home currency and find out how many Uruguayan pesos your money can buy.

Do you need to convert from Uruguayan pesos into your home currency? We couldn't put these two tables on the same page as the code gets confused. Just open our Uruguay peso currency convertor page. It will open in a new window or tab for you so you won't lose anything on this page.

1. Convert Your Home Currency Into Uruguay Currency

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Don't forget to check the cost of living in Uruguay on our Uruguay prices page. It's good to know in advance how much things are going to cost.

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