Hmmm... Best Airlines To Fly To Uruguay. What Are The Best Airline Deals?

What are the best airlines to fly with to Uruguay? And which of them offers the best airline deals?

We've all been there at some time or another. You've bought your new car or computer and you're really happy. You believe you've got the best offer in town. Then Bob comes round and dents your mood. He's just bought the same car for $1,000 less than you. Or he's bought the same computer but he also got a free printer with his. Even though you don't want it to, it grates when you find out you could have done better.

Well the same is true when you're booking your flights. You often end up paying more than you should, or not getting the extras that are available, simply because you don't know about them. And the thing is, if you know where to look, there's absolutely no reason why you should miss out.

TAM was our winner of best airlines to fly this time around. Why? Keep reading...

So how do you find the best airlines to fly to Uruguay?

When we talk about best airline deals, what are we actually talking about?

For this page we're looking at what the deal is actually made up of. What are you getting besides a seat to sit in? And we're not ignoring the matter of price. That's covered on our best airline ticket prices page. But for now, before you get down to the nitty gritty of the bottom line, check out the differences between each airline so you can factor them in to the different prices you'll find.

Best airlines to fly... what do they offer?

We've put together a table of all the airlines we know that fly to Uruguay. Some of them are direct. Some of them are indirect. But they all get here one way or another. Knowing which different airlines you have available to you is a good starting point for when you're trying to decide the best airlines to fly to Uruguay.

  About Airline Information Airmile Programs
Iberia Airlines A Spanish airline now merged with British Airways Flies from Madrid direct to Montevideo airport. If you're traveling from outside Spain you will have an indirect route via Madrid. Iberia is part of the Oneworld airmiles group
American Airlines An American based carrier Flies from various locations in the US and across the world American Airlines is part of the Oneworld airmiles group
LAN Airlines A Chilean airline Flies from Santiago direct to Montevideo airport LAN airlines is part of the Oneworld airmiles group
Lufthansa A German airline Flies from Frankfurt and will involve a change of flight to get to Uruguay Lufthansa airlines is part of the Star Alliance airmiles group
TAM Linhas Aeras A Brazilian airline Flies from various locations in Brazil TAM airlines is part of the Star Alliance airmiles group
Condor Airlines Condor is a non charter airline that is part of the Thomas Cook group Flies to Latin America from Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, and Spain Condor airlines is part of the Miles & More airmiles program
Copa Airlines Copa is an affiliate of Continental Airlines Flies to Panama and serves South and Central America as well as the US airports of Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, and Washington Copa airlines is a member of the OnePass airmiles program
TACA Airlines TACA is a group of Central American airlines that are independently owned TACA connects the US and South America with a broad range of flight options TACA airlines is a member of Distancia airmiles program
PLUNA Airlines PLUNA is the local Uruguayan airline PLUNA connects Uruguay with Madrid in Spain. This is usually in codeshare with Iberia PLUNA airlines is a member of the FlyClub frequent flyer program
Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Aerolineas Argentinas is an Argentinian airline Aerolineas flies across South America Aerolineas Argentinas is a member of the Aerolineas Plus airmiles program

Is there anything else you need to think about when you want to find the best airlines to fly to Uruguay?

One other huge factor we've found when we've been traveling is baggage allowance. How much do you get and how much do you need? Are you going to have to pay for more? If so, how much will that cost?

Each airline has different policies for luggage. This means you need to check what the best airline deals are for the time that you're planning to travel. In our own case, we wanted to bring Stuarts' bike to Uruguay and on some airlines this would have cost us a small fortune. But, by asking the various airlines that flew to Uruguay from the UK what their policies were on luggage, we found that TAM would let us take his bike for free. This was a deal breaker for us and gave us our winner of the best airlines to fly... for this trip anyway. It all depends on what you need.


Do you have a good tip or a question about what are the best airlines to fly to Uruguay?

We'd love to hear from you about your tips or questions. The more information we get out there the better.

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